Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Top Legal Translation Services by Experts Translators!

Get the best legal translation services by certified expert translators in over 100 languages. Our team is well-versed in technical jargon and assures you high accuracy at reasonable prices. With years of experience in the legal domain, we guarantee satisfaction!

Legal Document Translation Services by Experts

Are you a legal clerk, paralegal or attorney who needs to translate legal documents?

Well, look no further! The team at The Translation Eagle is perfectly qualified to cater to your needs. Our translators are hired after rigorous screening to ensure that they can provide top-tier translations for our clients. We offer legal translations by translators with extensive experience in the legal field, who have thorough knowledge of legal language Translation services.

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Certified Legal Translation Services

As opposed to other document translations, legal documents often have to be certified. This is because legal systems are very intricate with specific requirements that vary from country to country. Thus, legal translations must be carried out with utmost care and due diligence. It is vital that the translator have detailed knowledge of legal systems to accurately translate the documents.

A certified translation implies that the document has been translated accurately by a competent translating agency. The certificate of translation accompanying the translated documents guarantees that all aspects of the document have been translated thoroughly, including seals, watermarks, etc.

At The Translation Eagle, we provide certified translations for no additional cost! Reach out to us to get your certified translations now!

Translation Services for Legal Documents

We provide translations of a variety of legal documents including the following:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Depositions
  • Interviews
  • Witness statements
  • User agreements
  • Employee agreements
  • Patents and IP documents
  • Court transcripts
  • Marriage or divorce certificates
  • Lease deeds
  • Bylaws and affidavits
  • Prenuptial agreements

If you have any other documents you would like translated, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our 24/7 customer support team is at your service to answer your queries.

Online Legal Translation Services

Legal translation Services is a field that requires finesse, training and experience. No matter which type of document you need translated, ensure that you make the right choice among legal translation agencies.

The Translation Eagle is a renowned agency with clients from several industries. We are chosen for our attention to detail, value for money and timely delivery. Enjoy the benefits of our services by reaching out to us right away!

Our Major Languages

  • Spanish
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  • French
  • Japanese
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  • German
  • Dutch
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  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
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  • Arabic
  • Indonesia
  • English

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